Indonesia, the country I shed my blood to defend. Left to fend for themselves on the fringes of a society and family that have stigmatized them, Jakarta’s young punks speak up. The conflict of teen punk Eka with his parents is driven by an intense quest for individual freedom. Meanwhile, not so far away, at one with the land and embracing similar ideals are the local traditional tribes, who have found freedom in perfect tune with nature, but struggle to maintain their identity.

A punk daydream is a film that raises questions about our identity in society, and our spiritual connection to earth, through a surreal interpretation of punk and tribal culture, guided by the rich sounds of Indonesia, from punk music to traditional gamelan and local experimental music.

Set against the backdrop of Jakarta’s slums, muslim punks express their displacement and powerless reality in the most polluted areas of the city, while the tribes of Indonesia express their pain of losing more forest to capitalism. As both communities live on the edge of society and reflect upon it, we embark on a journey to discover what it means to have a place called home, and to belong somewhere.

Teen punk Eka has not seen his mother in many years, but believes he can go home again if he proves his success in life to his father who is a military colonel. His fantasy of coming home again is part of a greater theme on tattoo stigma, aimed at the heart of punk identity which at odds with the surrounding reality. 

Eka and his friend Edo looking for a way to make sense of society, and their role in it.